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Eco Friendly

Since the inception of King Fresh Produce and Wilson Farms, we have remained committed to diligent agricultural farming practices to sustain the God-,given resources we utilize to produce our fresh food. The investment and implementation of new technology and proven conservation practices remains an important goal of our farming methods. We are confident that reducing our carbon footprint will keep America feeding the world well into the next century and lead to healthier living for the Earth's inhabitants, big and small.

A few projects we have launched to reduce our farming inputs have been the recent investment in new low emission tractors and other diesel driven equipment to meet and exceed California's newly implemented lower pollution standards. We are also proud to announce that new plantings of table grape vineyards on our farms are exclusively drip or micro sprinkler irrigated and existing vineyards are being converted to drip or micro sprinkler irrigation systems which is a proven method of water conservation and weed control. In addition, we now use recycled packaging cartons, made with materials from sustainably managed forests and producers to ship our product. This eco-friendly packaging is Earth conscious because it is 100% recyclable, biodegradable and compostable.

King Fresh Produce, LLC…a company devoted to the faithful stewardship of our planet’s natural resources.